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Facebook promotion

Facebook promotion

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For the promotion on Facebook, or on Instagram, there is no discount since we work at a cost price, you choose a budget that we can use on different photos or videos, every day we analyze the statistics and we will transmit them to you and advise you on the promotions to be made.

If you decide for example to spend 100 euros in promotion, but after 30 euros invested we estimate the results are too low, then you can stop the promotion in order to invest the rest on other publications

You may therefore fund your Facebook or Instagram portfolio here and all the publication management, the selection of geographical area and the statistical management are free.

We propose to you to supply your portfolio by range of 50 euros. You can, of course, fill it with 200 or 1,000 euros even if you wish so. The goal always remains the same, that the money that you invest in the promotion is refunded by the sales turnover that you generate due to these same promotions.

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